Chi3 Energy is powered by GoChi.
It gives you: Energy, Focus, Performance (EFP).
Drink it in seconds.
Feel it in minutes.
Lasts for hours.

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Why are People so Excited about GoChi?

Many in the health and wellness community are raving about the product, GoChi! Fresh data from a newly-released scientific study shows that GoChi is even better than its predecessor, Himalayan Goji Juice!

The study revealed a whopping 13 clinically-documented health benefits to the human body from drinking 4 ounces of GoChi per day for just 14 days! The benefits discovered in the study are: 

                1. Less Fatigue

                2. Improved Athletic Performance
                3. Increase Energy
                4. Reduction of Stress
                5. Feeling Calmer
                6. Ability to Focus
                7. Sharper Mental Acuity
                8. Better Quality of Sleep
                9. Easier Ability to Wake Up
               10. Feeling Healthier
               11. Feeling More Content
               12. Feeling Happier
               13. Bowel Regularity
These benefits will help you and your family live longer, stay healthier, feel better, and look your best - the keys to a great quality of life. How do you get to try the delicious new GoChi? Click here to order GoChi or call 1-800-882-7240 (#314500). Begin taking steps towards better health and wellness for you and your family - today!

What's the Media Buzz about GoChi? Watch the Video!

Have you heard all the media buzz? There's a Goji product that's taking the country by storm. It's called "GoChi" and it's even better! In fact, it has 13 health benefits that you'll start seeing within days of you drinking this delicious drink. To learn more, click this video link to see the video. Or click the image to the left.

 What did Dr. Oz Say about Goji Berries on the Oprah Show?

Dr. Oz of The Oprah Winfrey Show recommended Himalayan Goji Berries to NBA star Ben  Gordon to maintain high energy levels, and called it “…the most potent anti-oxidant fruit that we know.” Click on the icon to the left to go to The Oprah Winfrey Show web site and read Dr. Oz's complete comments. Or click this article link.